Notes/Domino Fix List
SPR # CHAN6VKUSJFixed in 7.0.3; 8.5.2 releaseTemplate fix: resrc7.ntf
Regression in N/A

Product Area: R6/R7 Interoperability; Server; Template Technical Area: Calendaring & Scheduling Platform: Cross Platform

Lotus Customer Support APAR: LO17784

SPR# CHAN6VKUSJ - Deleting a repeat reservation directly created in the R6 R&R database, using an R7 event (template and server) created a doublebooking problem due to the different data structure for R6/R7 repeats. The fix is to prevent users from deleting part of the R6 repeat set, choices are the entire set or none.
A tool was created to address this which would scan and upgrade all of the R&R docs in an R&R database. This tool seems to have been forgotten over time and not well publicized. Customers who are upgrading from pre-R7 to R7 or later should contact Technical Support to get this tool (R6RnRFix) and use it according to the instructions provided.

Technote Number: 1255213

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Last Modified on 12/05/2013

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